The answers to these frequently asked questions could save you a service visit! 

Please browse the questions and answers below and please contact us if you don’t see your question here and we will get back to you with an answer as soon as possible.

  1. A broken utility on a power unit can be replaced by an authorized Beam dealer.
  2. A broken door on a wall valve means the entire face plate of the wall valve needs to be replaced. A standard type face place (low volt only) can be changed by a homeowner. A direct connect face plate (120V) should be replaced by an authorized Beam dealer or an electrician.
If a hose has a bad switch or a damaged handle, an authorized Beam dealer can usually repair the hose, (if replacement parts are still available for the said model.) However, a hose with a broken wire or a hose that is torn cannot be repaired to its optimum performance and it is best to replace the hose.
The brushroll should be replaced when the powerhead ceases to pick up small debris from the carpet i.e. loose thread or small pieces of paper. The belt should be replaced when the operator can feel that there is no forward pull left when the powerhead is on the carpet or operator can feel the brushroll stalls. It is best to have your authorized Beam dealer replace the brushroll or the belt.
There are times when your central vacuum systems pipes may seem to emit an odor. This can happen due to slight moisture in your pipe, pet hair, etc.There is a product you can purchase to freshen your pipes called TORNADO wipes. These pre-moistened / scented towelettes can be sucked through your pipes from each inlet in your home and also through your automatic dustpans. The TORNADO wipes will remove minor clogs and odors.
TORNADO wipes can be found on the Beam Online Store or from your local authorized Beam dealer.
You can follow these steps if you have problems starting your unit.

  1. Using the switch on the side of the unit turn the switch to the manual position, the unit should come on immediately. If the unit comes on, proceed to step 2. If the unit does not come on, call your local authorized Beam dealer.
  2. Unhook the low volt wires at your vacuum cleaner.
  3. Make sure the switch on the side of the unit is on Auto and the unit’s power cord is plugged into an electrical outlet. You may want to check to make sure the breaker or fuse to the electrical outlet is not tripped.
  4. Take a pair of needle nose pliers and insert them into the unit where you unplugged the low volt wires and squeeze lightly. If the unit comes on you can plug the low volt wires back in and proceed to step 5. If the unit does not come on when the low volt terminals are crossed, contact your local authorized Beam dealer.
  5. Inside each wall valve (the large hole where the hose is plugged into) are two contact pins. These pins touch the metal ring on the end of the hose when it is inserted into the wall valve. Starting at the wall valve closest to the unit, the operator can lift the door open on a wall valve and take a spoon or a quarter and touch these two contact pins simultaneously. If the unit comes on, close the valve and proceed to the next closest wall valve. If all wall valves check out to be working properly, proceed to procedure 6. At any time if the unit will not start when touching the contact pins, the homeowner can contact an authorized Beam dealer or the installer.
  6. Insert your hose into a wall valve, if you have followed the previous steps and the hose fails to turn on the unit or powerhead, you need to contact your local authorized Beam dealer for service.


Note: Always start at your vacuum and trouble shoot back to the hose. Failure at any point directs you to where the problem most likely can be found.

  1. Make sure the unit is in the Auto mode and that there is not a hose plugged into a wall valve.
  2. Unplug the low volt wire at the side of the unit, if the unit continues to run, the relay in the pc board is faulty and the entire pc board needs to be replaced. If the unit shuts off when the low volt wire is removed from the unit, there is a shorted or pinched low volt wire in the owners system and their Beam dealer or installer will need to track this.
Follow these instructions for clogged system:

    1. Empty the dirt receptacle.
    2. Use manual switch on the side of your unit to start the unit.
    3. Start at the closest wall valve to the unit and open the door to the wall valve and let a tissue be sucked from your hand. If the tissue makes it back to the dirt receptacle proceed to the next wall valve. If at any valve the tissue fails to go through to the dirt receptacle, there might be a blockage of some degree. At this point you can use another vacuum at this wall valve and try to use back suction to unclog the blockage or contact a Beam dealer to snake the pipe.