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Beam Central Vacuum System - Electrolux

Beam Self-Cleaning HEPA Filtration sustains a high level of performance

Self-Cleaning with GORE

With a Beam Central Vacuum System there are no filters and no screens to clean or replace. Beam power units utilize an exclusive permanent HEPA self-cleaning filtration material from the makers of GORE-TEX fabric.

By using cyclonic forces to separate larger dirt particles and allergens from vacuumed air the permanent filter removes tiny particles at a stunning 98% efficiency at .3 microns compared to typical levels of 30 – 80%.

The On-Guard™ dirt receptacle is infused with the anti-microbial agent AlphaSan® preventing bacteria growth in the bucket. And most importantly, power is not lost as the bucket fills up, allowing the unit to sustain a high level of performance time after time.

Other systems use many of the same features. Some are cyclonic. Some have filters. Some exhaust outside the house. But none of them combine all of these features into the same unit.

BEAM Self-Cleaning HEPA Filter -
98% Efficient
  • The Beam HEPA self-cleaning filter cleans itself every time the system is turned off.
  • Filters out 98% at .3microns and larger. No loss of performance. Prolongs motor life.
  • No bags required.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Clean air needs no exhausting (Outside exhausting optional).
  • On-Guard dirt receptacle prevents mold growth on bucket surface.