25+ Years of Professional Installation & Repair Services.

The Easy Living Company is fully licensed, insured and has maintained Premier Beam deals status for more than 25 years. We pride ourselves on costumer service, and full service care for all our your central vacuum needs.

Denver’s Most Reliable Central Vacuum Systems

The Easy Living Company of Denver has been installing & repairing central vacuum systems for over 25 years. Gone are the days of lugging a vacuum around your house, dealing with disgusting dust bags and buying replacement every few years. With a Beam Central Vacuum System, you just plug the hose into the wall, and vacuum.  A central vacuum system eliminates the dust, pollens & allergens that are stirred up by a traditional vacuum cleaner. Central vacuums are  surprisingly quiet and extremely efficient. Once you have you one you will start to notice how much cleaner the air in your home is.

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Clinically Proven to Reduce Allergy Symptoms

Unlike conventional vacuums that just re-circulate dust, a Beam system removes dust, dust mites, pollen, animal dander and other allergens completely from living areas, creating a healthier environment.

Incredible Features

The exclusive patented Quiet Pak TM sound insulation system of the Beam QS power unit and the whisper quiet Beam Q electric power head makes the Beam engineered central vacuum system the quietest central vacuum in the industry.

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Protection for Your Family & Your Property Value.

With a Beam build in to your home, you’re not only protection your family, you’re adding value and durability to your home. With the Beam Kick SweepTM automatic dustpan and the easy to use hose, attachments and accessories you’ll never experience an easier way to keep your home cleaner and healthier for your family!

A Beam Provides Up to Five Times the Power of Uprights

A Beam also provides the ability to remove 100% of contacted dirt and dust from living areas. The Airwatt, high efficiency motor if the power unit provides more power and better performance.

Contacted Jim about options for Central Vac power unit. He explained all the options and made suggestions based on my needs. He brought the unit to the house for install and walked me through the use of the equipment. Very professional, prompt email/phone replies and knowledgeable. Highly recommend.
Peggy M, Yelp Review
If you’re concerned with indoor air quality, you may want to take a first (or second) look at adding a central vacuum system to your IAQ package. Here in the United States, however, many builders still regard the central vac as an amenity and not a green building product. This opinion is changing as more builders become aware of how effective these systems can be in removing airborne irritants and allergens.

In a 2001 study evaluating the health impact of central vacuum systems on patients with house dust allergies, conducted by the University of California at Davis School of Medicine, researchers had two groups of participants use either a conventional or central vacuum system for three months and then switch to the other system. The researchers reported that in all aspects of the evaluation, including sleep, non-nasal symptoms, nasal symptoms, eye symptoms, and even emotions, the use of a central vacuum proved to be “superior,” with reported improvement in allergy symptoms ranging from 40% to 61% when participants used a central vacuum system.

Fernando Pages Ruiz, Eco Building Pulse Reviewer